Saturday, January 28, 2012

90 days to go

90 days to go and I did NOT lose that 20 pounds.
I did NOT get all the crafty stuff done ahead of time.
I did NOT save up the money I wanted to have by now.

But I have faith that the things that need to happen will happen. Those that don't need to happen will fall by the wayside, and our wedding will be no worse for not having them.
But its all downhill from here. By which I mean a speeding freight train propelled by gravity and weight.

Here we go.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What have I created?

Well, we went from registering being a near-death experience (for me, because he wanted to kill me), to CALEB being the scan-gun crazed one.

We cannot walk into Target now without him saying "We should get a scanner, just in case we find something else we want to add."

I think he still gets hives at the idea of Bed, Bath, and Beyond though.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

97 days?!

Well, time speeds right on by when you've got a lot to do, and most of the time that doesn't include blogging... so... sorry. But here's what's new for those of you who want to know!
We've registered! At Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Links here:

Registering was... an experience. Apparently people enjoy this, but I can't say that either C or I really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn't horrible (for me), but it wasn't fun. It was a tremendous amount of pressure. We're not supposed to ask for gifts, but we're supposed to create this list of things for people to buy us? And having to decide what you both like, while at the same time deciding what is too expensive, or good quality, or judging one whisk over another? That's a lot for any couple. It must be a test. If you can get through it, then maybe you can stand to be married.
C did very well at Bed, Bath, and Beyond; however he was much more stubborn and opinionated than I would have guessed. And, consequently, I had to fight for anything "girly" on the registry. And I wasn't even asking for that much of it! Sometimes I just had to say "I let you have grey sheets, a KU blanket, and a manly shower curtain. So we are putting a champagne colored toothbrush holder on here!" Which is not a phrase or sentence I ever thought I would utter, or even care that much about. But there it is.
He pulled his "shopping and decision making" muscle sometime around comforters. When he scanned the "Best of Barry Manilow" CD, I knew it was time to pull the plug and hand in the scanner.

One of my biggest problems with registering has been the absolute distress I feel at asking people to buy me something, and trying to balance the idea of a registry with determining what is a reasonable price for something. When you get to the "fine china and giftware" department of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a "registry consultant" will guide you through the registry process. What this means is they walk around with you discussing the various merits and demerits of the products in the store. This can be very helpful, for instance, when you are in the cutlery department and you know NOTHING about knives. But when it came to us, it ended up us being led around the china department looking at the "every day" stuff (because we made it clear we weren't interested in the fancy stuff), and finding a plate we both liked, only then to discover that what a Bed, Bath, and Beyond registry specialist considers "everyday" dishes are about the same price (for one plate, bowl, cup setting) as an entire box of dishes at target. People are supposed to give me that? I have trouble believing that people like me that much.
That got a little rant-y. Sorry. Anyway, I'm glad its all over, and I'm a little intimidated to think that we'll have to do it all again when we have a baby.