Friday, April 29, 2011

And so it begins...

Well, now is the time I plan to get really "wedding-y". It is now one year, less one day, to the BIG day, and we are getting excited! We can finally start on hardcore planning; actually start buying things for the wedding; and definitely start making things!
Case in point 1) We booked the hall for 4/28/2012.
James P. Davis Hall courtesy of Nate Hofer
Yeah, remember this place? Still gorgeous.
2)I got pieces of my first wedding project in the mail TODAY. Thanks, Ebay.
(photo mine)
What will it be? Guess away!
So I am ready to get into high gear. I am READY. And excited. And so is C. We've been reading The Smart Couple's Guide to Planning the Wedding of your Dreams: Planning together for less stress and more bliss. Its been amazing. Its like counseling in paper form, with the added bonus of making him really excited to plan this thing together!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Porn

That's what it is. Gratuitous photos of weddings, weddings, weddings. And just like real porn, they make you feel somewhat inadequate; ashamed and alone, sobbing into your pillows at night. Ok, not quite so dramatic as all that, but I spent last night scouring my google reader for inspiration on colors. I have also sent the last year emailing myself blog posts that I thought would be useful, and then filing them away into folders according to the topic. So I had that backlog to look through, too. My plan is to amass a quantity of pictures showing the colors I like, and then letting C look through and pick his favorite combinations, and we decide from there what our "colors" should be. Frankly, at this point, my eyes are bleeding and I hate the very idea of having wedding colors. What's wrong with just choosing whatever color strikes my (our) fancy at the time, so long as it goes fairly well with what we've chosen before? It seems to me like wedding colors are just a thing you "do" and I may rebel.