Sunday, December 13, 2009

What are we doing here?

So I'm sitting here for this, my first post as the miscellaneous bride, in my pajamas and watching the West Wing on DVD. I don't feel very bridal. I don't even feel particularly engaged. Its a cold Sunday morning, and my fiancee is out of town, and I have a cold. Its hard to remember how much you love someone when you've got the crud. But I do love someone. And we're getting married, and I'm excited about it. So this blog is to document this process, my personal wedding journey, for posterity, and for my family, who are all from out of town. And if other brides, or innocent bystanders, happen by, well, hopefully we can start a discussion on the topics both various and sundry that come up over the weeks and months to come.

So what is this wedding about? Its about us being madly in love. Its about us being broke. Its about our families, about celebrating. And someone may need to remind me of all that at a later date.

So when's the wedding? October 6, 2012. Why the wait? Like I said, we're broke. And I want to put a lot of effort into this process. A lot of love. So two years and some change seems reasonable to me, and to him, and everyone else can stuff it. Respectfully.

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  1. Engaged: Dec 25, 2002
    Wedding: October 29, 2005

    You're JUST fine in taking your time. ;)