Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Wedding Purchase!

Today my grandma and I went to Good JuJu to pick up something I'd seen there the last time I went. This store, by the way, has to be one of my favorite places in KC. Kind of a resale/vintage/flea market type vibe, but everyone who works there is happy and helpful, the merchandise is of good quality, and the prices are really reasonable, especially on furniture.

We were looking a a set of vintage white clutches, and the idea occurred to us that they would make great bridesmaid gifts when the time came, and even better, a bag would be a cute alternative to carying bouquets... and so it was decided. And since my spending philosophy is of the "buy as you go" variety, I picked one up. Ok, my grandma bought it for me, as a birthday gift. Its gold and cream brocade, and its beautiful.

I've seen these bags all over the last few years. Maybe they're really vintage, maybe they're not. Does it really matter? I've got a few years, so finding five or six of these to give probably won't be all the difficult, and will most assuredly be less expensive than full blown bouquets. I'm excited to have finally started spending towars the wedding, even if it was only a few dollars. It really feels like its happening, now.

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