Friday, January 8, 2010

Grape Hyacinth Bouquets. That's all she wrote.

Ever since I was a little girl, grape hyacinths have been my favorite flower. They popped up all over my grandma's garden and yard, and I'd gather them up in little bouquets. I may have even tried to eat them. But I loved the way they smelled, and felt, and looked.

So when I saw the above picture in From Hello To Hitched (originally from Instyle Weddings), I knew this was going to be my wedding bouquet. Or some variation thereof.

I've always liked garden flowers. Tulips are my other favorite flower. Closely followed by gerber daisies, because that's what Mr. Adorable likes to bring me. Probably because he can pick them up cheaply at the grocery or gas station, but at least he's thinking about it!
So, Grape Hyacinth, also known as Muscari, apparently, also comes in white. Which as much as I love the purple, is a better color for my scheme (yous guys tie the broad with the white flowers to the railroad tracks, and we'll get the cash, see?)
Hm... maybe a tulip AND grape hyacinth bouquet...

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  1. I love the grape hyacinths and tulip combination! But tell me you didn't really try to eat them when you were a kid! karen