Thursday, April 1, 2010

A blessing (and a curse)

I just discovered Where has it been all my life?! Its amazing. Its a blog, yes, but its not just one person - there are many wonderful brides and newly marrieds posting about their experiences, their planning, their ideas. And they all have cute psuedonyms, like Miss Guinea Pig, or Miss Starfish, or Mrs. Dauchound.
And they're like me. There's such an assortment that some of them, at least, fall into my categories. Plus size brides? Yes. Financially challenged ones? Check! Moderately crafty women and their friends? Check check.

It is, in a word, amazing. Its the sort of resource I'm so glad to have found.

On one hand.

On the other hand, I now am obsessed with it - I read it all evening at work (while still managing to get my work done, of course), and I'll probably be reading back posts long into the night (relatively speaking).

On the other other hand, I am now getting all kinds of ideas that I really shouldn't pursue. I really probably shouldn't fall in love with Gocco'ed invitations - I don't have a home gocco machine - I barely know what one is, except that it's expensive and makes pretty printing.

But I am coming up with some great ideas to solve the problems I've been encountering (non-floral decor, etc).

Anyway, back to WeddingBee! If you need me, you'll -probably- be able to pry me away.

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