Tuesday, May 4, 2010

location, location, location

Mr. Adorable and I are getting married in Kansas City - its my new home town. Besides, we found the most amazing place, without even trying. We briefly considered getting married at the corn maze where we met. We even toured it. But they didn't have much in the way of facilities. Nothing, in fact. We could have it for free, but we'd have to rent tents, chairs, tables... everything. And it was kind of remote. But the woman who showed us around told us about the place she got married, and we decided on the spot to check it out. It was, in a word, beautiful.

James P. Davis Hall, Wyandotte Count Lake Park

There's a terrace.
French doors!

I love this place.

Even Caleb loved this place. We had no sooner snuck in the doors than we both decided that this was the place we would become "We". We had to sneak, as there was a family there getting set up for their own wedding. Its apparently a popular spot. But we quickly made friends with the father of the bride, who was a good old boy and halfway to drunk, and poked around and fell in love with the place. I'm all full of ideas and I can't wait until we get a little closer to being married, so I can start making them reality!

All photos from this flicker set

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