Thursday, May 6, 2010

To the garden!

This weekend I am going to SCRAPBOOK GARDEN in Wichita.

This was one of my mother's favorite places in the world. She was crazy scrapbook lady. Also crazy card making lady. And crazy camera lady.

She was a lady of many crazies.

I will be gathering wedding project ideas (including looking for inspiration for one particular project that I will tell you all about soon), and looking for sticker remover - you know, that stuff that loosens the adhesive without damaging the paper underneath. This is because I've started collecting pretty books, which I will hopefully incorporate into awesome wedding decor one day.


However, many of them have price sticker or even worse, a library bar code! Can't be having that. Bad enough that they'll have a "discard" stamp on them. So special, expensive, archival quality adhesive remover it is.

Stuff smells like oranges.

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