Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best laid plans...

I did NOT go to scrapbook garden. In fact, the nice, relaxing weekend I had planned turned into a hectic, run-around-crazy-and-do-too-much-stuff weekend.

But I got two new tires and an oil change. I've only needed tires for about a year. No big.

However! This weekend, I have renewed plans for a nice relaxing weekend! They involve:

  • Baking. I'm going to try a yeast raised bread of some kind. I'm thinking of either these donuts, some sort of kolache, or a homemade version of those delicious hawaiian sweet rolls you can pick up the grocery store. What do you think?


  1. I'm glad I found those books for you. Also...for the whole adhesive removal thing...you may not need the orange spray stuff. :) Try blasting the stickers with a blow dryer on high heat for a few seconds and then peeling it off. anything left can be cleaned off with alcohol.

  2. I should clarify and say I'm glad I found those books for you because it makes me feel like I've contributed to your day and to your eternal happiness. ;)

  3. Massive fail in Wichita. Sorry. Either they didn't stock them in this area or SOMEONE beat me to them!

  4. Sugar donuts have to be the best! Owen used to make his in a deep fat fryer with bisquits that come in the tubes and scare you to death when you hit them on a sharp edge to open them.
    Those arches will look so nice in your flower garden for years after the big event. Your excited Grandmother