Monday, October 24, 2011

Anna's Oven

I'd like to try something out here. No one really reads this blog, but I'd like to post more about the miscellaneous aspects of my life. Restaurant and book reviews, baking experiments, etc. I've already made a commitment to blog more often, so lets see if I can interest anyone else in what all I have to say.

That being said, this weekend I had the pleasure of dining at a fairly new place in my old neighborhood, 39th st, KC MO. It really was a pleasure. The place is appealing, and a lovely combination of "homey" and "romantic." The chairs and tables are mismatched in a very charming old world way, some for two, some for eight, some round, some square. No tablecloths. painted wood chairs. Even the wine display is charming.

I didn't have C with me, but I'm sure he'd approve of the menu. It is full of comfort food staples like meatloaf, lasagna, roast chicken, and six different kinds of macaroni and cheese. I think that last may be the main selling point of the establishment. The prices range from $6 or $7 to about $12 for entrees, and $2-$4 for desserts and sides.

I've never been good at deciding things, and this menu had me pondering for quite a few moments. I eliminated the macaroni and cheese first off - I wanted protein; and though they'll mix in several different meats, I've had enough bad macaroni and cheese experiences at Noodles and Co. that I didn't want to risk it until I discerned the quality of the place. I finally settled on the meatloaf, and a piece of chocolate cake. My friends ordered desserts and coffee, since they had already eaten dinner.

The women behind the counter were smiling and friendly, and very attentive. They seemed to be the only two people working, besides a cook glimpsed through the pass-through kitchen. But the food came out quite quickly, and was delicious! The meatloaf was average tasting, but quite substantial - thick cut and big all around. It came with real, lumpy mashed potatoes (which there could have been more of, they were so good), crunchy steamed veggies, and brown gravy over all. Oh, and a roll, all for eight dollars. The veggies were delightfully crisp, and everything was hot and tasty. They brought out my cake when I was about halfway through with dinner. It was awesome - it was almost a dark chocolate frosting, and the cake was moist with a nice crumb. Everything was served on sturdy crockery plates, adding to the homey, depression-era feel of the place.

Only a few complaints - the cobbler my friend ordered was made with nuts, which would have been nice to know. I don't think of cobbler as usually coming with nuts. Also, the printed menu they have for you to take with you is not up-to-date, and features items that sound great but they aren't currently serving - like beef stroganoff. Finally, the caramel brownie advertised is really more of a bar cookie. A good bar cookie, just not what we expected.

As an added bonus, 50% of the restaurants profits go to "supporting education in places where it may otherwise not thrive," which is not only nicely worded but a worthy cause. It looks like they change projects periodically, but right now, its the St. Anne's Girl's School in Kenya.

Overall, I loved this place, and I know we'll be back soon! I could see it being a good place for a date or a night out with friends. 4 stars, pending further exploration of their mac n' cheese.

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  1. Enjoyed this essay a lot, Diana. Makes me want to come to KC and dine at this restaurant. Aunt Carol