Monday, October 31, 2011

I said yes to the dress!

Twice, in fact. I originally went dress shopping at a little place near my hometown; its a crowded little place full of dresses for proms, pageants, and a few wedding dresses thrown in there. Its the sort of the place that records every dress it sells and what school the girl goes to, so that no two of the same dresses show up at one prom.

I went in before valentines day, expecting to beat any prom rush; however, I guess I forgot about winter homecoming, because the place was packed. And its packed already, with dresses. The aisles were almost impassible. But I picked up a few dresses to try anyway, and waited 40 minutes for a dressing room. I felt a little loyalty to the place; its where I bought all my prom and pageant dresses when I was younger. I tried on half a dozen dresses, and none of them really looked right, until I got to the last one. It was nice - it made me look slim - and it was only $150 dollars. DING DING DING. I bought it. It was the only one they had, etc. etc. etc.

Time went on, and my thoughts on the dress went from pleasure at my deal to regret that I hadn't looked more. It was pretty, but it was plain. The fabric was somewhat cheap-looking. It was nothing like what I always pictured myself in. Over the course of my budget wedding planning, I found dress after dress with comparable prices that were more in line with what I had originally envisioned. What's a girl to do? Here's a hint... know someone who would like to buy an inexpensive wedding dress?

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