Wednesday, October 26, 2011

With this ring

This is my mother's ring. Not her wedding ring, or anything. I'm fairly certain my parents didn't have an engagement ring, and I'm pretty sure her wedding band fell down the drain when I was still a wee tot. This is the ring my dad gave her for their *mumblemumble* anniversary. I think its kind of rad. I love the pave feel of it, and while its not an eternity band, it goes pretty far down the ring. I always thought it would be a good ring to pass down. So when she died, I knew that I wanted to use it one day for my wedding. For a long time, though, we weren't sure what had happened to it. So you can imagine my delight when, just a few months ago, my dad called and told me it was found!

Now I have always had slender fingers, but let me tell you, my mother's were tiny. This makes sense, as she was pretty tiny all around. She wore something like a five and a half or six ring size. I wear a 7, which is probably pretty average, but makes it a little tricky for this ring to fit anywhere but my pinky. So, C is going to resize it for me, shine it up, and blam; instant wedding band. I think it will make a nice set with my engagement band. Neither of them are that traditional, and some of those stones almost match these.

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